Wishing Well Family Centre is a locally based integrated, community organisation that offers support to families, responding in a caring and open way to social, educational, economic and environmental needs within our community

We offer 119 places for children aged 6 weeks to 12 years, with the opening times and sessions designed to accommodate the needs of working parents. The nursery is split into six age groups, children from 6 weeks to 1 year, 1yr to 1yr 10 months, 1yr 10 months to 2yrs 10 months and 2yrs 10 months plus, we also offer a pre-school and out of school facilities.

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Getting to know us

Wishing Well Family Centre was established in 1989 and has provided a wide range of vital services and facilities for children and parents within the local district and beyond.

Wishing Well Family Centre is a locally based cross-community organisation established to identify and respond to social, economic, educational and environmental needs of residents of all age groups in North Belfast and for others who wish to avail of its services.

Wishing Well offers 119 places for children aged 6 weeks to 12 years, with the opening times and sessions designed to accommodate the needs of working parents.

The nursery is split into six age groups, children from 6 wks – 1yr (Baby room), 1yr – 1yr 10 mths (Toddlers), 1yr 10 mths – 2yrs 10 mths (Junior PG), 2yrs 10 mths plus (Senior PG), we also offer a Pre-school and Out of schools (P1 – P7).

Wishing Well provides state of the art security with secure access systems, individual play areas for all children, all equipped with fantastic facilities and equipment.

We aim to provide the highest standards, based on best practice and we are committed to continuous improvement through the development of our staff and ensuring that our nursery is safe and offers a stimulating learning environment.

While your child is with us, we aim to:

  • Promote the welfare of the children in partnership with other professionals.
  • Work towards a provision which encourages every child to be safe, healthy, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and involved.
  • Provide a broad range of appropriate experiences.
  • Respect and involve parents in the care and education of their child.
  • Provide a high level of childcare, liaising with social services for guidelines and implementing new procedures and policies to further improve the standard of care provided. This also includes regular inspections to ensure we are meeting requirements set within the standards.
  • Identify and provide relevant training for staff, including that required to meet our registration requirements.

Our Rooms – Where children learn and grow

We appreciate that the needs of children are very specific and important; we aim to provide the best layout and facilities to enable children to enjoy their time in Nursery.  All of our rooms are well-lit and spacious with age appropriate furniture, toys and equipment that will help them grow, develop, explore in a safe stimulating environment, with areas for active play, eating, sleeping and quiet times.

  • Baby room – 6 weeks – 1 yr.
  • Toddlers – 1yr – 1yr 10mths
  • Junior playgroup – 1yr 10mths – 2yrs 10mths
  • Senior playgroup –2yrs 10mths – pre-school
  • Pre-school – 3yrs – 4yrs
  • Out of schools – P1 – P7

We encourage outdoor play as much as possible to allow the children to explore and learn about nature in our secure outdoor play areas.

Our relationship with you & your child

Every day in Nursery is carefully planned to ensure your child receives the best learning opportunities in a safe, fun and caring environment whilst ensuring we meet the individual social, physical, intellectual and emotional needs of each child.

Our supervisors and their assistants realise the importance of building a trusting, confident relationship with parents and carers from the very first day to ensure they meet the individual needs of both the parent and the child. All children are assigned a member of staff, as a key worker. This key worker will develop and build a bond with you & your child. We strive to promote the sharing of information and knowledge for the sole benefit of the children in our care, staff are always on hand to answer any questions or queries.

We understand that leaving your child for the first time in Nursery is a big event and can be a stressful and upsetting time for you and sometimes your child so therefore, we try and make this transition as smooth and easy as possible. When your child starts Nursery, we will offer you and your child staggered ‘settling in sessions’. This experience is invaluable and will enable us to begin to build important relationships with you and your child. Settling in is a gradual process which will help you to feel more comfortable and confident in leaving your child for longer periods of time on each visit.

Our staff team

We have certified and experienced staff that understand the psychology of children.

Staff are continually availing of relevant training to further their personal development. Through our training and experience, we are well aware of the challenges children face in different phases of their early years. This is why we have established set routines for different age groups that include interesting activities, snack time, nap time, and more, to facilitate cognitive and physical development in an exciting and fun way.

Nursery activities and changes to policies, general information, updates on the Nursery staff team and any other information which you, as a parent should be aware of, will be posted on our Facebook page – Wishing Well Family Centre

Information on all children can be shared with Health Visitors, Speech therapists and other professionals (HSC Trust’s Registration and Inspection staff) on a need to know basis.